Donor Recognition Wall

Thank You to the many members who support the SOAP Endowment Fund through annual donations. We are especially pleased to honor the following donors for their generous support of the SOAP Endowment Fund during the 2021 fundraising campaign. Please consider a donation (tax deductible as a charitable contribution).

Platinum Level ($500 or more)

Philip Hess, MD
Alan Reitz, MD
Mark Norris, MD
Ruth Landau, MD
David Gambling, MBBS, FRCPC
Jean Miles, MD
Ronald George, MD, FRCPC
Edward (Ted) Yaghmour, MD, FASA
May Pian-Smith, MD, MS
Grace Lim, MD, MS
Michaela Farber, MD, MS
Karen Mitchell, MD
Barry Thorneloe, MD, BSc, BSN, FRCPC

Gold Level - $200

Yusuke Mazda, MD, PhD
Feyce Peralta, MD, MS
Klaus Kjaer, MD, MBA
Carmencita Castro, MD
Valerie Arkoosh, MD, MPH
Simon Ash, MD, BCh, BSc, MB
Richard Smiley, MD, PhD
Michelle Simon, MD

Silver Level - $100

David Wlody, MD
James Hughes, MD
Susan Dumas, MD
Medge Owen, MD
Kathleen Smith, MD
Diane Ridley, MD
David Wlody, MD
Yunping Li, MD
Antonio Gonzalez-Fiol, MD
Jason Cheung, MD
Anthony Chau, MD, MMSC
Mirna Abdallah, MD
Steven Lipman, MD
Quisqueya Palacios, MD
Ana Lisa Ramirez-Chapman, MD
Mark Zakowski, FASA, MD
Ashraf Habib, BCh, MB, MSc, MSN

Bronze - $50 Level

Ligia Mathias, MD
David Alspach, MD
Patricia Dalby, MD
Brendan Carvalho, MD, BCh, FRCA, MB
Kira Lebowitz, MD, BA
Kyra Bernstein, MD
Isaac Lowenwirt, MD
Adithya Bhat, MD
Paul-Andre Malenfant, MD, FRCPC
Emily Dinges, MD
Tristyn St. Thomas-Achoja, MD
Denis Snegovskikh, MD
Julia DeLoach, MD, MS
Rachel Cavenaugh, MD
Ana Sjaus, MD, FRCPC
Stephen Skahen, MD
Katherine Shea, MD
Kristin Smith, MD
Joni Smith, CRNA
Carolyn Weiniger, MD, ChB, MB