Donor Recognition Wall

Thank You to the many members who support the SOAP Endowment Fund through annual donations. We are especially pleased to honor the following donors for their generous support of the SOAP Endowment Fund. Please consider a donation (tax deductible as a charitable contribution).

2022-2023 Donors

Diamond Level ($1,000 or more)

Michaela Farber, MD, MS
Daniel Katz, MD
Sarah Kroh
, MD
Grace Lim, MD, MS
May Pian-Smith, MD, MS
Lisa, Anthony, Andrew, and Edward (Ted) Yaghmour, MD, FASA

Platinum Level ($500 to $999)

Rayna Clay, MD
Mark Norris, MD
Richard Smiley, MD, PhD
Cynthia Wong, MD

Gold Level ($200 to $499)

Ramon Abola, MD
Valerie Arkoosh, MD, MPH 
Carmencita Castro, MD
Alexander DeLeon, MD
Emily Dinges, MD
Kristen Fardelmann, MD, BS

Nicole King
Ruthi Landau, MD
Karen Mitchell, MD
Heather Nixon, MD
Emily Sharpe, MD
Michelle Simon, MD

Silver Level ($100 to $199)

Alvin Adell, MD
Matthew Andoniadis, MD
Jessica Ansari, MD

Katherine Arendt, MD
DeLaine Bender, CAE
Steven Biro, MD
Terrance Breen, MD
Stephanie Byerly, MD
Christian Camilleri, MD
Jean Marie Carabuena, MD
Anton Chau, FRCPC
Shannon Clark, MD
Andrea Clingan, CRNA
Erica Coffin, MD
Sheila, Cohen, ChB, FRCA, MB
Jennifer Cohn, MD

Mark D'Agostino, MD
Patricia Dalby, MD
Laura Dean, MD, BS
Alicia Dennis, FANZCA, MBBS, PhD
Carlos Delgado, MD
M. Douglas, MD, CM, FRCPC
Wesley Edwards, BS, FRCA, MB, MPH
Tammy Euliano, MD
Brian Fitzgerald, BSc, MD, MSc
Grant Gamel, DO
Jennifer Gerber, MD
Lesley Gilbertson, MD
Antonio Gonzalez-Fiol, MD
John Hatchett, MD
Richard Hofstra, MD

Shawn Jackson, MD
John Jaworowicz, MD
Mushtaque Juneja, MD, MBA
Andrea King, MD
Katherine Kohls, MD 
Frank Knoll, MD, MSc
Kira Lebowitz, MD, BA
Jonathan Levitsky, MD
Yuyan Liu, MD
Hilary MacCormick, MD, BSc, FRCPC

Paul-Andre Malenfant, MD, FRCPC
Edward McGonigal, DDS, MD
Roneisha McLendon, MD, MS
Jean Miles, MD
Rebecca Minehart, MD, MEd
Medge Owen, MD
Lee Perry, MD
Gregory Pivarunas, DO

Roanne Preston, MD
Alexander Pue, MD
Britany Raymond, MD, BS
Diane Ridley, MD
Genevieve Rivard, MD, FRCP
Philip Rubin, MD
Nayema Salimi, MD
Barbara Scavone, MD
Maria Sfeir, MD
Harry Sherman Jr., MD

Richard Siegenfeld, MD
Renate Singh, MD
Michael Sivaprakasam, MD, MBBS 
Tristyn St. Thomas-Achoja, MD

Karen Staggs, MD
Susan Stein, DO
Maya Suresh, MD
Laurie Sutherland, MD
Brian Taussig, MD, BA
Irving Ward, DO
Jonathan Waters, MD
Adam Wendling, MD
Kate Williams, MD, BA
David Wlody, MD
Mary Zoccoli, MD

Bronze ($50 to $99)

Adithya Bhat, MD
Kathleen Brookfield, MD, MPH, PhD
James Damron, MD, BS
Jennifer Dominguez, MD, MHS
Robert Eberle, MD

Thomas Farrell, MD
Maria Frosth, MD
Jacqueline Graber, MD
Philip Greider, MD
Nakia Hunter, MD
Daniela Karagyozyan, MD
Kelly Kaufman, CRNA, MS
Olajide Kowe, MD, FRCPC
Matthew Layman, MD

Yunping Li, MD
Lindsay MacKenzie, BSc, MD, MSc
Ligia Mathias, MD
Jean Maurice, MD, PhD
Eddrice McMullan, MD
Craig Palmer, MD

Marisol Perales, MD
Joanne Ruckel
Jaime Schaeffer, MD
Olusegun Senbore, MD, BSc
Hiroko Shimamoto, MD
Marwa Sidani, MD
Kathleen Smith, MD
Brittny Stewart, CRNA
Robert Veasey, CRNA, MSN
Jennifer Wagner, MD

2021-2022 Donor Wall

*As of 8/31/2023