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New for 2021, SOAP is excited to introduce a new opportunity to network and knowledge share through a Special Interest Group (SIG). A SIG is an informal community within our organization with a shared interest in a focused area of knowledge. Although we are still in the formulation stage, as they roll out, SOAP SIGs will provide forums to connect people who have similar clinical interests or professional backgrounds in obstetric anesthesiology.

Save the Date: SOAP will host a virtual townhall meeting Thursday, January 28, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern to roll out the SIG process. Please pre-register to attend.

What is the purpose of SOAP SIGs?

SIGs are a new offering to SOAP members with the goal to facilitate inspiring environments and networking opportunities. SIGs will foster organic interactions and allow SIG members sharing a common interest in a specific area to learn from each other, compare clinical practices, and network directly with members who may be experts in that field.

What is the focus of a SOAP SIG?

The focus of a SIG is directed by its members. The focus area should be broad and inclusive enough to allow a community of SOAP members to gather around the topic of interest. There is no expectation of work products. Examples of potential SIG topics include:

  • Maternal Mental Health 
  • Anesthesia in LMIC 
  • Maternal Health Inequities 
  • Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) 
  • Critical Care 
  • #OBAnes for URM 
  • Pain and Opioids 
  • Environmental Sustainability 
  • #OBAnes and C-Suite

How would I start a SIG?

Following the kickoff in January, SIGs may be directly proposed by SOAP members using the new SIG application form on this page. The application will include a short title and description of the area of interest, the name of the SOAP committee that will serve as the SIG’s liaison with the SOAP Board of Directors, and the names of at least five current SOAP members to get things started. The Governance Committee will review the application and make recommendations to the Board for approval.

How can I join a SIG?

As they are confirmed, SIGs will be listed on the membership application and renewal forms, as well as on the SOAP website to engage SOAP members. As new SIGs are developed, the list will be updated and opportunities will be announced to membership.