Special Interest GroupsSpecial Interest Groups

SOAP members have the opportunity to network and knowledge share through Special Interest Groups (SIGs). A SIG is an informal community within our organization with a shared interest in a focused area of knowledge. SIGs provide forums to connect people who have similar clinical interests or professional backgrounds in obstetric anesthesiology.

What is the purpose of SOAP SIGs?

SIGs are a new offering to SOAP members with the goal to facilitate inspiring environments and networking opportunities. SIGs will foster organic interactions and allow SIG members sharing a common interest in a specific area to learn from each other, compare clinical practices, and network directly with members who may be experts in that field.

What is the focus of a SOAP SIG?

The focus of a SIG is directed by its members. The focus area should be broad and inclusive enough to allow a community of SOAP members to gather around the topic of interest. There is no expectation of work products, and SIGs are not a replacement for SOAP committees. Currently, the confirmed SIGs include:

  • Anesthesiologist Assistants SIG

  • Cardio-Obstetrics SIG
  • Environmental Sustainability on the Labor and Delivery Unit SIG
  • Fetal Surgery SIG
  • Informatics SIG
  • Maternal Health Inequities SIG
  • Maternal Mental Health and Birth Trauma SIG
  • Medical Student and Resident SIG
  • Obstetric Anesthesia Physician Wellness SIG
  • Placenta Accreta SIG
  • Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) SIG
  • Private Practice SIG
  • Recovery after Childbirth SIG
  • Simulation SIG
How would I start a SIG?

SIG applications will be reviewed twice a year. Submit your application by
March 5 or October 5 to be considered during the spring and fall application review cycles, respectively.

New SIGs may be directly proposed by SOAP members. The application includes a short title and description of the area of interest, the name of the SOAP committee that will serve as the SIG’s liaison with the SOAP Board of Directors, and the names of at least five current SOAP members to get things started. The Governance Committee has responsibility to review and make recommendations on SIG applications.

Submit a SIG Proposal

How can I join a SIG?

To join one of the existing SIGs, please click the link below. You will review and agree to abide by guidelines for the new SOAP Community. Once in the community, select the SIG and use the "join" button to sign up. As SIGs are developed, the list will be updated and opportunities will be announced to membership. 

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