Working Groups (Subcommittees and Task Forces)

Much of the work of SOAP is done through working groups (subcommittees and task forces) that align under SOAP committees. These hard-working volunteers create materials for patient and provider use, design events, select award and grant recipients, determine the institutions that meet the standards of Centers of Excellence designation, and more. If you want to get involved, watch for the call for committee interest each spring.

Information for Working Group Members
Annual Meeting and Live Events Committee Working Groups
  • Locations and Logistics Subcommittee (Chair: Amy Lee)
  • Annual Curricular Planning Subcommittee (Chair: Emily Sharpe)
  • CME Subcommittee (Chair: Regina Fragneto)
  • Sponsors and Industry Subcommittee (Chair: Brandon Togioka)
  • Inter Society Planning Subcommittee (Chair: David Monks)

Diversity & Inclusivity Committee Working Groups

  • Pathway Programs and Mentorship (Chair: Jennifer Dominguez)
  • Community and Patient Engagement (Chair: Kokila Thenuwara ) 
  • Health Equity (Chair: Paloma Toledo) 
  • DEI Training and Career Development (Chair: Michelle Simon)  

Education Committee Working Groups

  • Clinical Resources Subcommittee (Chair: Barbara Orlando )
  • Simulation and Technology Subcommittee (Chair: Gillian Abir)
  • Patient Safety Subcommittee (Chair: Nicole Higgins)
  • Patient Education Subcommittee (Chairs: Bryan Mahoney)
  • Trainee Curriculum Subcommittee (Chair: Emily Dinges)
  • OB/MFM/Midwife Education Subcommittee (Co-chairs: Josh Younger)
  • Awards Task Force (Chair: Joy Schabel)
Governance Committee Working Groups
  • Bylaws Subcommittee (Chair: Richard Month)
  • Nominating Subcommittee (Chair: TBD)
Intersociety Committee Working Groups
  • Centers of Excellence Subcommittee (Chair: Ruth Landau)
  • Collaborative & Endorsed Statements Subcommittee (Chair: Lisa Leffert)
  • International Outreach Subcommittee (Chair: Lisa Corbett)
  • Kybele/SOAP Grant Review Task Force
Member Value Committee Working Groups
  • Special Interest Groups Subcommittee (Chair: Emily Sharpe)
  • Newsletter Subcommittee (Chair: Kristen Fardelmann)
  • Digital Media Subcommittee (Chair: Simon Ash)
  • Under-resourced Environments Outreach Subcommittee (Chair: Carlos Delgado)
  • Mentoring Academy Subcommittee (Chair: Feyce Peralta)
Research Committee Working Groups
  • Abstract Review Subcommittee (Chair: Ruth Landau)
  • Grants Subcommittee (Chair: Grace Lim)
  • Research Network Subcommittee (Chairs: Ronald George)
  • Research Promotion Subcommittee (Chair: Melissa Bauer)