We believe that the best educators are those who are passionate about their topics. We’ve heard from our members that it can be hard to level up to that next step in your career. We’ve heard from curriculum developers that they want to cast a wider net when looking for speakers. In response, SOAP has created the SOAP Speaks! Database for our members.

With the SOAP Speaks! Database, we want to tap into the incredibly rich resource of SOAP members who are ready to speak about something they care about, and match them with curriculum developers who are looking for enthusiastic, engaging speakers!  

If you are a curriculum developer, but not a SOAP member, and you have questions about the SOAP Speaks! Database, please email [email protected].


Tell me more about the speaker database! (FAQs)
I am looking for an opportunity! (apply to be a speaker)  
 I am looking for a speaker! (access speaker database)


Goals of the Database:

  1. Measure and increase diversity, inclusivity, and representation in OB anesthesia education
  2. Support next generation of clinician educators who are ready for national/international speaking engagements by aligning them with opportunities
  3. Provide a resource to educational curriculum developers (e.g., planners of institutional grand rounds, state society meetings, SOAP/ASA educational track, etc.)

Being in the database means a person…

  • Has the desire to speak about the topics they have listed for themselves
  • Has submitted an application successfully demonstrating both skill and commitment

Being in the database does NOT mean…

  • Content has been approved/evaluated by SOAP
  • Content reflects SOAP expert opinions or values
  • Speaker is the sole expert on the topic(s) listed