SOAP/Kybele International Outreach Grant

The SOAP/Kybele International Outreach Grant program provides funding for international outreach projects in order to identify and train future leaders in international outreach from SOAP members. The grant encourages research in collaboration with host countries with the goal of enhancing the practice of obstetric anesthesia in those countries.

Application dates and other details for the next SOAP/Kybele International Outreach Grant will be announced in 2021. Click here for a list of past recipients and their research topics, or read on for grant specifics. To learn about Kybele programs visit the Kybele website.

Grant Amount

The SOAP/Kybele International Outreach Grant will provide $5,000 to cover travel and related expenses for two trips to a country where a Kybele or another outreach program targeting obstetric anesthesia is being conducted.

Proposal Recommendations

SOAP members in good standing may submit a proposal for a research project as described in the requirements below. Letters of support from others are also required. Applicants may have a specific research project in mind, while others might not yet have a concrete plan. Potential projects could cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • Clinical studies
  • Public health policy
  • Database formation
  • Improvement of infrastructure

The proposed research project should be delineated with the understanding that input from the host collaborative team will be a large part of the final iteration. Interested individuals should discuss potential research projects with team leaders before applying and specify the site of planned work. The funding will support two outreach trips to be conducted over two years. 

Application Documents

To be considered, please submit the following in 12-point font (Arial or Times Roman preferred) Microsoft Word format, with at least 0.75-inch margins. Email materials to [email protected] with “SOAP/Kybele International Outreach Grant” in the subject line. Letters of support should be submitted by the writers and not included with your proposal.

  • Curriculum vitae
  • One page highlighting previous experience (if any) and motivation for seeking the grant
  • Research project proposal (1-3 pages), which should include:
    • Title
    • Specific aim(s)
    • Significance
    • Methods
    • Anticipated impact
    • Potential collaborators
    • Country/site of proposed work
  • Budget specifying expected costs for travel and accommodations

Letters of Support

At least one letter of support is required. Letters of support must be sent directly from the letter writers (not to be included in the applicant package). Please request supporting letters be emailed to [email protected] with "SOAP/Kybele International Outreach Grant" as the subject and the applicant's name in the body of the email.

  • Letter of support from the department chair or chair’s designee addressing the applicant’s suitability (i.e. ability to teach, adapt, be flexible, initiate and complete a research project) and confirming the department’s commitment to granting the time needed to fulfill the requirements of the grant
  • Letter of support from the fellowship director (if applicable) highlighting the fellow’s suitability for the program
  • Letter of support, ideally from a leader within the outreach program speaking to the suitability of this project as it aligns with their program

Requirements and Terms of Award

Funds will be disbursed on an annual basis after submission of receipts. Grant recipients will be required to submit an annual progress report to the SOAP Research Committee and submit work resulting from this grant for presentation at the SOAP Annual Meeting. Any publications or presentations resulting from this funding should contain the statement, “funded by the SOAP/Kybele International Outreach Grant.”


Proposals and letters of support must be received by the posted deadline. Proposals will be evaluated and applicants will be notified using the contact information provided in applicant materials.