Funding Opportunities

SOAP is strongly committed to facilitating important research and supporting research careers in obstetric anesthesia. Funding for such initiatives is available through generous donations to the SOAP Endowment Fund, which funds the following grant opportunities.

SOAP/Kybele International Outreach Grant

The SOAP/Kybele International Outreach Grant program provides funding needed for international outreach projects in order to identify and train future leaders in international outreach from SOAP members. The grant encourages research in collaboration with host countries with the goal of enhancing the practice of obstetric anesthesia in those countries. The grant funds travel and related expenses for two trips to a country where a Kybele or another outreach program is ongoing.

Young Investigator Grant

SOAP established the Young Investigator Grant program to provide individuals in the early stages of an academic career with funding for a worthy research project. The grant provided $10,000 in funding for research by those pursuing an academic career in obstetric anesthesia. The Young Investigator Grant is no longer awarded.