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SOAP is pleased to partner with OpenAnesthesia to present a monthly webinar series aimed at fellows and others with an interest in obstetric anesthesia topics. Webinars are free and recorded for later reference.

Webinars 2021

Webinars are held on the second Wednesday of the month. You can view past webinars on the OpenAnesthesia site. To learn more about upcoming webinars, see the list below and visit our calendar of events.

February Platelets: How Many Do We Need?
Shannon Klucsartis, MD - UT Southwestern

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation During Pregnancy: 
A Review of Maternal Cardiac Arrest Algorithms
Michelle Eddins, MD - UT Southwestern
April Influential Publications in OB Anesthesia 
Sharon Reale, MD - Brigham Women's Hospital
May  Complications in Obstetric Anesthesia: What do you need to know?
Brenda Bucklin, MD - Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus
June Fetal Surgery
Caitlin Sutton, MD - Texas Children's Hospital

Anesthesia Care in Low Resource Setting
Meghan Prin, MD - Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus
August Birth Trauma
Tracey Vogel, MD - Alleghany Health Network
September Hemorrhage, Coagulopathy, and Transfusion Medicine 
John Kowalczyk , MD - Beth Israel Deaconess
October ECMO
Emily Naoum, MD - Massachusetts General Hospital


Obstetric Anesthesia for Patients with a History of Back Surgery
Jason Papazian, MD - Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus


From the American Revolution to the Maternity Ward: A History of Obstetric Anesthesia
Dan Drzymalski, MD - Tufts University


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