Patient Safety Award

The SOAP Patient Safety Award was established to promote the patient safety movement. The award is presented to the author of an abstract presented at the SOAP Annual Meeting that best represents the principles of patient safety in a range of settings: clinical, epidemiologic, simulated, quality improvement, administrative or educational.

Previous Award Recipients

2024 Michael Furdyna, MD
2023 Jean Guglielminotti, MD, PhD
2022 Jean Guglielminotti, MD, PhD
2021 Sarah F. Bell, MD
2019 Jean Guglielminotti, MD, PhD
2018 James Lozada, MD
2017 Leslie Schornack, MD
2016 Melissa E. Bauer, DO
2015 Mrinalini Balki, MBBS, MD
2014 Ali Ebrahimi, MD
2013 Emmanuel K. Srofenyoh, MD, FWACS
2012 Allan S.  Klapper, MD
2011 Jill M. Mhyre, MD